Recovery from Colorado's historic floods of September 2013 has taken longer for some smaller communities.

The tiny unincorporated town of Glen Haven near Estes Park has yet to replace its destroyed historic Town Hall.

Its reconstruction is seen as the closing chapter in that community's long recovery process.

And neighbors are determined to make it happen.

“The Town Hall is the biggest thing, the last major thing that we need to do as a community,” General Store owner Becky Childs said. “It’s where we’ve always had our gatherings – our potlucks and our time together. It’s where we get to know our neighbors.”

The Glen Haven Town Hall has historically served all residents of the Glen Haven area as a place to gather, celebrate, hold meetings, weddings, memorials, church services and an emergency operations coordination center in times of natural disaster.

The original Glen Haven Town Hall was destroyed by the 2013 flood.

“It was a historic building as a matter of fact,” Glen Haven Association President Jake Shimon said. “This particular one was built in 1923. And then in the flood of ’76, it was washed off its foundation. The local residents here were actually able to jack it up and slide it back on the foundation and get it secured and remodeled it at that time. And then the flood of 2013 took it off its foundation again and totally destroyed it.“

“It was pushed up against this General Store – sort of lopsided,” Childs said. “There was a vehicle that had floated indoors. Most everything was gone out of the building. There was no saving it. It was obvious, there was no salvaging anything in there.”

Efforts to rebuild the Town Hall began in 2015 when the property formerly occupied by Buckskin Bo’s Livery was purchased by the Glen Haven Association to serve as the future site for a new Town Hall.

Fundraising efforts have produced almost $300,000 toward the anticipated cost of the new building.

“We’re trying to raise $500,000 to rebuild our Town Hall,” Shimon said. “That’s the engineer’s estimate. And we’re about two-thirds of the way there. We are unincorporated. So, we don’t have a tax base. So, we operate through donations of very kind and generous people like are on the Front Range.”

Organizers say completion of a new Town Hall will mark the closing chapter for the community’s long recovery process.

To raise the remaining funds needed to complete the project, Glen Haven will host an outdoor concert and barbeque on Saturday, June 24th from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

The “Raise the Roof Fest & Feast” will feature 6 local musical acts and will serve food, craft beer and wine at the new Town Hall site.

Donations can also be made online at