After keeping his prison a secret for more than a year, the location of the Aurora theater shooter was revealed.

Now other families are wondering if they will ever get the same answer, including the family of ten-year-old Jessica Ridgeway. She was kidnapped on her way to school in 2012 and killed.

Her murderer is in prison somewhere. Jessica Ridgeway's family doesn't get to know.

"She did everything with me: She went to the store, to my work parties," said Christine Ridgeway, Jessica's grandmother.

Next week will mark five years since Jessica was murdered.

"She sends us signs daily," she said. "She was a joy and I really miss her."

She wonders where her killer is.

The Colorado Department of Corrections sent him out of state. He is a part of what the departments call the interstate corrections compact.

The secret prisoner exchange allows DOC to send inmates out of Colorado. They say for their safety and safety of the staff. Their location is not made public.

"You have to move on and sometimes the things you need to know help you move on," said Ridgeway.

Since the Aurora theater shooter was moved to federal custody this week, his location now available. Ridgeway woke up Thursday hoping she would get her answers but she didn't.

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"Are they any more safe because I don't know," she asked. "Why don’t we get to know? It’s my victim’s right considering the law."

It depends on who is interpreting the law. When Ridgeway asked, DOC said the move was temporary and didn't release where the killer went.

As of March of this year, 116 Colorado prisoners locations have been kept private.

"There are other victims out there saying well what about me, it's my right too, and so it's important to keep talking about this and that we hold DOC accountable," said Emily Tofte Nestaval, the Executive Director of the Rocky Mountain Victim Law Center.

For Ridgeway, she said if she can find out where he is she can leave him behind.

"I still think about her every day, I still tell her goodnight every night," Ridgeway said.

Christine said she'll keep asking for the killer's location.

We did reach out to the Department of Corrections as well as the Federal Bureau of Prisons, asking why the federal prisons release inmate locations and DOC doesn't when they are a part of the interstate corrections compact.

9NEWS hasn't heard back.