So the water in Arvada might look weird, but the city says it's fine to drink.

After getting some calls about discolored water Wednesday morning, the city sent out a media alert to reassure people the water is OK.

Water analysts say the discoloration is caused by manganese, a mineral that's naturally present in most Colorado lakes and streams.

"Manganese does not cause adverse health effects and therefore is not regulated as a chemical that might cause illness," a press release from Arvada read. "It is only regulated for the aesthetic impact it has on drinking water, such as discoloration and staining."

The water samples detected manganese levels between 0.042 and 0.048 milligrams per liter (parts per million), which is below the regulatory standards of 0.05 milligrams per liter.

The city is working to eliminate the discoloration.

In the meantime, residents can rid any remaining discoloration in their homes by opening the cold water faucet and allowing cold water to run for several minutes.