It's been a rough couple of days for band students and staff at Legend High School in Parker.

Early Thursday morning, two men came on the campus, broke into the band members sheds, and took off with some of their equipment.

The band director, Orlando Otis, explained some of the items taken may not seem important to someone not in the band, but to those students they are vital for performances. Especially for a competition they have coming up next week.

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“It was very unfortunate. Our head custodian did a quick check of the school and noticed something amiss outside,” said Otis. “Quite a bit of our equipment - not all of it - had been stolen so we went and looked at the security cameras”.

They saw two thieves pull up to the back of the school in a white pickup truck.

The video shows them going into the sheds and taking two generators, carts, four light-up orb balls and several expensive extensions cords.

Otis says when he told his students they were in shock and in disbelief.

“Some of them seem like little things but they are big things to our band students. Without that equipment it is very challenging for us to be at our very very best, “ said Otis.

Which is what they want to do when they compete in the upcoming Colorado Band Association State Championship.

Luckily there has already been an outpouring of community support.

“Other bands and businesses and our band parents all jumped in to help,” said Otis.

Many commented on Facebook saying they will donate generators and extensions cords so the band members will not have to go without.

Others were offering to keep their eyes open for the thieves and the truck.

“Everybody supports everybody at the highest level,” said Otis.