For the 29th year in a row the Champagne Cascade dazzled guests and visitors at the Brown Palace Hotel and Spa.

"It's a pyramid of glasses, 6,000 glasses this year and it's an event where we saber bottles of champagne and then pour the champagne from the top through the cascade and it's really a unique event that people love to see," said Steve Haley Managing Director of the Brown Palace Hotel and Spa.

He and Sean Endsley were lifted up in a cherry picker to pour the champagne into the very top glass.

Endsley is the cofounder of The Next Objective, an organization that helps veterans move forward once their service is complete. This year ticket sales from the event benefit the nonprofit.

"I think we're set to receive $12,000 today so we're a 100% volunteer organization we don't have any overhead we're all volunteers," said Endsley. "Everyone has day jobs so first and foremost the money is going to help us do a lot of good in the community here."

You can learn more about the The Next Objective by clicking here.