If you’re not ready to hear it, that’s okay. The Christmas music threshold is different for just about everyone. But if you turn on KOSI 101.1, Christmas music is all you’re going to hear from now through December 25th.

“You’ll be coming home from skiing one day and you’ll turn it on and go, ‘oh yeah! That’s what I’m talking about! Holiday music on KOSI!” Said KOSI 101.1 host, Jackie Selby.

At KOSI 101, November 18th was the day – the beginning of the station’s annual holiday music programming.

“Some people are ready for it,” Selby said. “Some people are ready November 1st.”

Inside the KOSI studios Friday evening, Selby was already in the Christmas spirit. She’ll have to keep it up for the next 37 days.

“There’s about a week in there where you’re tired of it because you’ve been playing it for a couple weeks,” Selby admitted. “But when you get really close to Christmas itself, you’re like, ‘oh yes!’ Then you’re finally ready for it.”

KOSI said its holiday music programming attracts more than a million listeners each season. Some will tune in before others.

“It’s too early!” Said LeAnn Mastera, who was walking with family Friday evening in downtown Denver. “It’s November. We haven’t even had Thanksgiving yet. We should celebrate one holiday at a time,” she added.

While you might agree with Mastera, Jackie Selby at KOSI said the station starts getting phone calls from listeners asking to hear Christmas music the day after Halloween. Of course, there are also those calls from people who aren’t quite ready for it.

“Sometimes on Facebook [they write] ‘oh, I’m a little grumpy. You started so soon.’ But they’ll come to it when they’re ready for it,” Selby said.

You can always turn the dial, but Christmas music will be there when you’re ready.

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