Colorado firefighters typically sacrifice for their home state, but with plenty of disasters across the country, they're sacrificing even more to travel to affected states.

Crews from various Colorado departments have been deployed to wildfires in Montana, Hurricane Harvey's aftermath in Texas, and now, Florida and Alabama where Hurricane Irma threatens to make landfall along the Florida coast.

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Many of the crews being sent to help in the projected wake of Hurricane Irma are already serving on a deployment to Texas.

Colorado Task Force One, made up of specially trained firefighters and paramedics from more than a dozen Colorado departments, has most recently been helping with disaster relief, urban search and rescue, and water rescues in Houston and Beaumont, Texas.

Several crews who have spent the past few weeks in Houston or Beaumont, Texas, are now being sent to help with Irma preparations.

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The task force has firefighters from Colorado Springs, West Metro Fire Rescue, Arvada Fire, Aurora Fire Rescue and many others.

More fire crews from Colorado are being sent across the country every day. There are numerous crews in Montana, California and South Dakota as well as fighting fires in Colorado close to the Wyoming border.