Meet Yago. This K9 for Fort Collins Police Services is one of the toughest dogs you’ll ever meet.

Here’s why: it looks like he’s heading back to work after a series of medical complications he shouldn’t have survived.

It started just a few days after a benign tumor was removed from his hip. Police say Yago suffered a mesenteric torsion, which is the spontaneous flipping/twisting of the intestines.

This is nearly always fatal, but his handler noticed his distress almost immediately, and he was rushed into emergency surgery.

About 90 percent of dogs die on the table during this surgery, but Yago made it through. He was in critical condition for several days, but Yago never gave up.

His handler, Officer Dollar, was by his side for several days – as was a steady stream of cops.

“Yago still has some complications to contend with, and perhaps to live with long term,” Fort Collins Police Services wrote on Facebook, "but it looks like he will return to work! We are so grateful to all who supported and continue to support K9 Yago and Officer Dollar on the road to recovery.”

We’re pulling for you, Yago! You’re an inspiration to us all.