With the last winter storms rolling off the water of Lake Granby, Dee Mullinex knows that soon, a lot of people will be arriving for the summer boating season.

“We have a lot of tourists and locals that just live on those lakes,” she said.

Her family was among them until July 3, 2015 when her son Christopher jumped into Lake Granby and drowned.
Mullinex says had her son been wearing a life jacket, he would still be alive.

“You need to have a life jacket when you are in the water – especially our cold water,” she said.

So, in her son’s memory, she created a foundation in his name and put up life vest loaner stations all over Grand County.

Christopher Mullinex drowned after he jumped into the cold waters of Lake Granby. 

“We will have five that are set this year, we started with three last year, adding two more this year in hopes of seeing them all over the state,” Mullinex said.

The Grand County Sheriff’s Office also wants to do its part to make people safe. Despite having six large bodies of water in the county, they don’t have a lake patrol boat.

Next Tuesday, the sheriff’s office will ask the Grand County Commissioners to finally fund one. They did have a boat donated to them, but they say it’s not exactly what they need.

"With over 23 square miles [of water] in Grand County, we need to find a way to solve this problem," Grand County Sheriff Brett Schroetlin said.  

Mullinex says she hopes between the life vests and water safety and education, she can do her part to save a life this summer.

“I think Chris would be proud,” she said.