The last time a hurricane hit Colorado was — well, never.

So it might come as a surprise to some that a Colorado State University team produces the longest-running seasonal Atlantic hurricane forecast, which is in its 34th year.

We called the team’s lead forecaster and research scientist, Phil Klotzbach, to talk about current Tropical Storm Harvey and how CSU came to be home to the now-renowned CSU Tropical Meteorology Project.

Question: Let’s talk Harvey. Meteorologists have been calling the storm “unprecedented” in many ways — what about it is so unprecedented?

Answer: “It made landfall and it just didn’t move,” Klotzbach said. “The last three days, its average speed was 3 miles an hour. That’s crazy slow for a hurricane. So it’s very slow moving, and it’s close enough to the coast that it’s tapping into all that warm gulf moisture and dumping it on Houston” and surrounding areas.

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