A fisherman found possible human remains near South Boulder Creek east of Gross Reservoir Saturday afternoon, according to a news release from the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office.

The sheriff’s office didn’t launch “an investigative and recovery effort,” until Sunday because it was late in the day, and they were worried about weather.

On Sunday, the fisherman brought the sheriff’s investigators back to the spot where he found those remains.

In searching the area, investigators with dogs found more remains. They think the remains were scattered by animals.

Investigators say they were interviewing witnesses through Monday, though it's not clear who those witnesses are.

The Boulder County Coroner is working to figure out the cause of death and identity of the remains.

The sheriff’s office says they have only one missing persons case in that area: Ryder Johnson, a 20-year-old Eldora Resort employee who disappeared after work in January of last year.

Ryder’s car was found on the 5800 block of Gross Dam Road, which is close to where these remains were found.

The sheriff’s office cautions they don’t know if the remains are related to Johnson’s case.

Johnson’s family is still offering a $100,000 reward for tips in his case.