About 600 people rallied for racial justice on Monday.

They got together at the Washington Park United Church of Christ on Williams Street.

The rally comes as the FBI says hate crimes are up across the country.

According to a report, overall -- hate crimes increased 6.7 percent last year. Hate crimes against Muslims went up 67 percent.

Last year, there were 257 incidents of anti-Muslim bias - compared to 154 incidents in 2014.

That isn't the highest number ever recorded: That came in the days and weeks following 911.

The most recent data was gathered during the calendar year of both the Paris and San Bernardino terror attacks.

Civil rights groups had raised concerns about an anti-Muslim backlash in the U.S. before those.

The federal government says the spike in numbers could be attributed to an increase in reporting by the victims and better reporting and tracking by law enforcement agencies.