Hunger Free Colorado has a new partnership for a mobile service to better provide healthy foods, as an online news release said.

Hunger Free Colorado has partnered with Whole Foods Market to start a mobile food assistance van program dubbed “Your Neighborhood Food Connection.” This van will travel statewide, giving information about food access and offering food assistance program sign-up services.

A Whole Foods Market Community Giving Day grant that raised more than $64,000 has made the idea possible.

“The new mobile assistance van is a tangible sign of our joint commitment to bringing attention to the issue of hunger in communities across Colorado and increasing access to healthy food,” Kathy Underhill, CEO of Hunger Free Colorado, said in the news release.

The point of this is to see no one in Colorado goes hungry and that everyone has “easy, transparent access” to nearby resources. Information will be given about local food pantries and meals, and residents will be given healthy food choices “until they have access to a food pantry whenever possible.”

The van will also work to make sure that school children will still have food now that they’re out of school and their food insecurity about where their next meal is coming from may worsen. It will provide information on sharing sites where children and teenagers can find free, healthy meals.

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“We believe access to healthy food is a fundamental human right,” M’lissa Baker, Metro Marketing Coordinator for Colorado and the one who secured funding for this grant, said in the news release.