A licensed daycare provider has been charged with a felony after a 1-year-old died in her care in what was apparently a tragic accident caused by putting several adult-sized bed sheets in a crib.

The child died in June. She was in the care of 69-year-old Stephanie Hill, who has been charged with child abuse resulting in death – negligence.

According to police report, Hill told investigators that when she was watching the victim on June 6 at her Denver home, she went to check on her and discovered that she was not breathing, prompting her to call 911 as she performed CPR.

An investigator with the Denver Office of the Medical Examiner says Hill told her that “when she went to wake the victim, she could clearly see the victim had become ‘entangled’ in the sheets,” the police report reads.

“Miss Hill said that she picked up the wad of bedding with the victim and ‘unwrapped’ her as fast as she could,” the report goes on to say.

The baby was pronounced dead at the hospital. The Denver Coroner’s Office report said an “unsafe sleeping environment most likely contributed to the victim’s death.”

Hill told police that the previous weekend, she had taken the mattress out of the crib to clean it but had not finished. Just before laying the victim down in the crib, she said she took approximately four sheets from an adult-sized bed and folded them into the size of the crib.

She told police that she laid the victim down on top of the sheets and on her back.

When police searched Hill’s home, they say “the sheets were in no way folded into the shape of the crib and would describe them as a ‘pile’ of sheets that were several inches high.”

Hill has been released from custody on a $50,000 bond.