The Mayor’s Office has been responding to 9NEWS viewers who have expressed dismay and disappointment over the current state of the city’s main library.

In May, 9Wants to Know exposed drug use and drug dealing in and around the library through undercover video. The investigation also found skyrocketing crime through the analysis of emergency dispatch records.

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“We’ve received many emails regarding the recent 9NEWS story regarding the Denver Central Library, and we wanted to address these issues with you,” an email said to a 9NEWS viewer.

“....we want to affirm that the crime occurring in and around the library is unacceptable and we agree that more needs to be done,” the email continued.

The email also said the city is increasing the police presence and is considering renovations to the building that would make it easier for security to spot illegal activity.

Such renovations may come through a $50 million bond that voters will decide on this November.

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