Nederland residents in Boulder County wait for answers after a bomb was found at the Caribou Ridge Shopping Center this week.

Store owners and employees at the shopping center said they are trying to get their lives back to normal as the FBI and local police search for the person who left the device.

Small Colorado towns always have something unique about them and it's especially true in Nederland.

Stressed out? Don't forget to "Neditate."

Walking around town? Use the "Nedestrian Crossing."

The slow pace of life was shaken up after a bomb was found in a backpack in front of the police department Tuesday night.

"We were kind of joking, since it was besides the laundromat, it was somebody's dirty laundry or something like that. Really didn't expect, we thought it was just a necessary precaution," said Drew Forester, a self-described Nederland traveler.

Melissa Freeman thought the same thing. She helps run children's programs at the Wild Bear Mountain Ecology Center next door to the police station.

She and other employees weren't allowed in the shopping center after police shut down the area. As the hours ticked by, she knew the found bag was something much more serious.

"Once the three hour mark hit, I became concerned that it wasn't just laundry," said Freeman.

Inside the backpack was a bomb that didn't go off. Early Wednesday morning a robot detonated it in the parking lot.

"Just this loud boom. And I think it woke up most of my neighbors too," said resident Elijah Bend.

Freeman said she is still a little shaken up but feels safe knowing her police officer neighbors are looking out for her unique community.

"I went over to the police station this morning and thanked the lady that works the front desk for making sure I'm alive today because if they hadn't had been vigilant, like I might not be. So I think it's a pretty big deal," she said.

"It's definitely a little different than usual, a little stress is in the air," said Bend. "I think everyone's glad that we're safe, no one got hurt because that's what really matters."

As things begin to return to normal in Nederland and residents get back to the slow pace they've come to love, they still want to know who put the bomb in front of the police department and why.

The FBI is in charge of the investigation. There is a tip line for anyone who has information: 303-441-3677.