Jefferson County prosecutors have filed 15 separate charges against a truck driver in the wake of a July crash that seriously injured two children, 9Wants To Know has learned.

Charles Monroy, 60, faces two counts of child abuse resulting in injury, five counts of careless driving resulting in injury, and eight counts of violating commercial vehicle safety rules.

The child abuse charges are felonies; the rest are traffic offenses.

According to the Colorado State Patrol, Monroy was at the wheel of a Grabow Trucking gravel truck on July 6 when he smashed into Chevrolet Malibu that was slowing for traffic on Interstate 70 in Golden. The collision sent the Chevy into a spin, and the truck then smashed into a Toyota.

Two passengers in the Malibu, children ages 5 and 8, were seriously hurt, and two adults with the youngsters, Seth Schwartz and Melissa Duncan of West Palm Beach, Fla., were also injured, as was the driver of the Toyota.

At the time of the crash, state troopers suggested that Monroy was distracted.

In July, 9NEWS reported that Monroy had been involved in two previous crashes, including one in Colorado in 2015 where federal regulators alleged he was driving without a commercial license.

Grabow Trucking owner Yahn Grabow said that the July crash occurred as Monroy was coming back from a drop off job in Silverthorne. His truck was empty, and Monroy was planning to load up on sand for a job the next day.

According to court records, Monroy was at the wheel of a Grabow truck that went off the road and crashed in Jackson County in April 2015. According to court records, Monroy was initially cited for careless driving and driving without a commercial license but ultimately pleaded guilty to a charge of improper mountain driving.

In addition, 9Wants To Know confirmed that Monroy was involved in a crash in Arizona last February. A copy of the accident report, obtained by 9NEWS, shows that Monroy drifted off the side of the road and lost control of his rig. The trailer broke free and flipped onto its side, but the truck stayed on its wheels. Monroy told officers that the wreck occurred as he tried to move out of the way of an oncoming car – but that other motorist was never identified. Monroy was not ticketed in that case.