9Wants to Know delivered nearly a hundred viewer comments to Mayor Michael Hancock’s office following an investigation into skyrocketing crime at the city’s main library.

Tuesday’s undercover investigation showcased video that captured drug use and meth deals outside and inside the library. Some of the drug deals occurred near children and teen use areas.

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The analysis of emergency dispatch records show the number of cases involving fights, drug use and overdoses have also spiked dramatically this year.

So far this year, dispatch logs show 44 calls for “overdoses.” During the same time last year, there were none recorded in that category.

“You have to walk through a gauntlet of dirty, delirious, loud, cursing drug users,” one viewer commented through 9NEWS.COM.

“Libraries should be a safe and inviting space for anyone interested in reading/learning (and not about drugs!)” another viewer wrote.

9NEWS took a stack of viewer-submitted comments and delivered them to the office of Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, who has been in Washington D.C.

A spokesperson received the documents, promising to deliver the messages directly to the Mayor.

9Wants to Know will continue to follow the story and seek an interview with the Mayor about the library’s crime problem.