Look, you don’t need a news article to tell you that some of the prime leaf-peeping spots up in the mountains get busy on weekends.

And since you already know this, maybe you said to yourself, “Hey, I’ll take a Wednesday off so I can have some solitude in nature and watch the seasons change with only the cool mountain air as my company.”

Well, here’s some bad news: you weren’t the only one with this idea, and things are so congested in Rocky Mountain National Park that the NPS is restricting vehicle access on Bear Lake Road from Moraine Park to Bear Lake.

Ok, that’s unfortunate.

But the park also says many parking areas and trails are busy. Not only that, but even though it’s a Wednesday in September, the Moraine Park campgrounds are full.

Let’s repeat that: it’s a Wednesday. In September.

This picture they tweeted of leaves while warning about the crowds is really pretty though!

Maybe this shouldn’t come as a shock. Last year, more than 4.5 million people visit Rocky Mountain National Park – an 8.7 percent increase over the year before and its highest annual visitation ever.

You can check out webcams of the entrance stations here: http://bit.ly/2szsvf8