A new survey by online professional network LinkedIn shows that many parents do not know what their children do for a living.

According to the survey, one in three parents say they have no idea what their kids do. One in five parents also think they would have a hard time if they had to do their kids' jobs.

When it comes to those jobs that parents misunderstand - here is the top ten:

  1. UI designer - 80 percent of parents
  2. Actuary - 73 percent
  3. Data scientist - 72 percent
  4. Social media manager - 67 percent
  5. Sub editor - 66 percent
  6. Radio producer - 62 percent
  7. Sociologist - 60 percent
  8. Investment banker - 59 percent
  9. Software developer - 58 percent
  10. Fashion designer - 57 percent

But - many parents are proud of what their kids do - even if they don't know what that is. The survey says more than a third of American parents feel their child is on track to be much more successful than they are professionally.

When it comes to kids - more than 65 percent of American workers believe their parents have unshared knowledge or advice that could help their career.

For the fourth year LinkedIn is hosting Bring in Your Parents Day on Nov. 4 to give parents the chance to learn more about what their children do for a living and also for children to thank their parents for all they have taught them.