More than 80 tenants at the Maplewood Village Apartments in Lakewood have to find another place to live after a roof collapse, last month.

The owner said the two buildings where the people lived had stacks of shingles on top of them ahead of a roofing project. Only one of the roofs collapsed, however, the other roof was said to have been in danger of experiencing similar damage. Inspectors are looking into whether too much weight could have caused the collapse.

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While inspectors search for answers, tenants search for new homes. They have all been staying elsewhere since the incident -- many of them in area motels. Now they have learned their move will be more permanent. The complex's owner said it could be up to six months before necessary repairs are made to both buildings.

The silver lining for tenants was supposed to happen Saturday when contractors removed their belongings from their apartments. Those residents have been living without most of their possessions since they were evacuated.

However, Saturday's moving process was slower than some residents anticipated. The Andres-Jacinto family waited in the apartment complex's parking lot early this morning waiting to get their things. They waited a couple of hours before learning it would be a while before crews got into their apartment.

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"They're getting the stuff just out to the lawn," Jael Andres-Jacinto said. "We're the ones who have to move it actually out of here, to take it to storage or take it to where we're going to go. We're responsible for that because if it stays here at night or overnight then it's going to be our responsibility if the stuff goes missing."

Andres-Jacinto said she most of the things in her apartment can be replaced. What she's after are memories of her nearly 2-year-old daughter.

"She's the one who keeps me strong," she said. "She's the one who actually makes me happy, makes me get through the day."

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Andres-Jacinto said her family is staying with a friend until they can find another apartment to live in. They're hoping to have a new home before her daughter's second birthday in August.