For the second night in a row, people gathered in downtown Denver to protest against President-elect Donald Trump.

Many carried signs and chanted anti-Trump slogans while peacefully marching an impromptu route through the heart of the city.

The protest started outside the State Capitol at 5:30 p.m., and lasted for hours. The large group marched in a line that at times stretched for blocks while police nearby monitored the situation.

Denver Police warned of traffic delays near the 16th Street Mall as protestors made their way through the area.

A smaller group of protesters later made their way onto Auraria Parkway at Interstate 25, prompting Denver Police to temporarily shut down the interstate in both directions.

DPD told 9NEWS that pepper balls were used to redirect some protestors. No arrests have been made as of 10 p.m.

Earlier in the day, about 300 people chanted anti-Donald Trump slogans on the steps of the Colorado Capitol and vowed to renew progressive activism. Speakers reminded the crowd that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton won Colorado and the national popular vote, and they encouraged each other not to slow activism for progressive causes.

Thousands of others across the country have staged their own protests to express frustration at Trump's victory over Hillary Clinton.

Trump took to his Twitter account to comment on the protesters gathering in cities across the nation since his win.

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*The Associated Press contributed to this report