A farm and animal sanctuary in Commerce City has a very personal way for people to get to know the animals that live there - by snuggling with them.

The Broken Shovels Farm hosts Open Farm and Snuggle Days every other Sunday. And they have been for the past five years.

Owner Andrea Davis says it is a way for people in the community, especially children, to get to know and experience animals they may otherwise need to travel much farther away from the city to see.

All of the goats, pigs, roosters, cows, bunnies, ducks, donkeys, etc. that live on the Broken Shovels Farm have been rescued. They were either found, abandoned or taken from abusive situations.

The farm offers them a sanctuary and permanent home.

And opening the farm, even just a few days a month, gives Davis a way to show the community the huge need there is for rescuing farm animals.

"People can come and see the farm animals have these rich lives," Davis said.

So far this season, the Open Farm and Snuggle Days have been extremely popular. Davis estimates 800-1,000 people have attended each of the events they have held.

Those who attend are able to walk around the pasture to visit with and pet any of the animals as well as bring along and feed them fresh produce from an approved list. Visitors can also stop into the barn to see the smallest farm residents.

There is no official cost to attend, but they do encourage a five dollar per person donation at the door.

The next Open Farm and Snuggle Day is coming up this Sunday.

Learn more about the event here: http://bit.ly/2syHwtn.