9News viewers really turned out for this year's 9Cares Colorado Shares drive, donating more than 54,000 pounds of food - and throwing $15,000 in cash donations on top of that.

But there's a local organization that needs help year-round feeding hungry families in Colorado.

Colorado Feeding Kids is an all-volunteer based organization that packs nutritional meals for families in need in the state.

They take cash donations and buy raw materials to make meals.

Once every month, they hold events where volunteers package all the materials into a meal pack.

The meal packs are then distributed to local food banks, churches and schools.

The group originally started to help children in third world countries get nutritious meals, then they learned people right here at home needed help too.

"Seven years ago when we were getting calls from local food banks and we did the research and found local kids needed food we were at that time shocked," said Kenward Bradley, the president of Colorado Feeding Kids.

He added it's not only families with children that need help putting food on the table.

"Another thing that's a big issue in Colorado is seniors. Many seniors have to decide between paying for medicine, paying for rent, or paying for food," Bradley said.

The organization originally started out making meal packs that provided six meals for children and seniors, but last month they also started making larger family meal packs that provide 18 meals.

The packs will be given to children on Fridays so they have the meals over the weekends.