In case you thought Colorado had somehow stopped being the Wild West, let us show you some photos of a steer in the loose in a suburban neighborhood.

These photos were taken on Tuesday morning. Arvada Police say the steer in question escaped from someone’s property north of 86th Parkway.

“We became aware of it because we saw about 6 Arvada police officers running around chasing it,” said Kendra Buckwith who saw the steer run past her front door Tuesday morning. “With a vengeance would be a good way of characterizing it.”

“The little fella could really clear a fence,” added detective David Snelling who was called to help wrangle the steer. “You're not really trained for that in the academy, but sometimes you hope there's somebody with some type of cattle or agriculture experience.”

Fortunately for officers and detectives help was on the way. The men over at the nearby Wild West Ranch were called to help corral the steer and within five minutes the accomplished what officers couldn’t do for two hours.

“You know cowboys save the day again,” laughed Derrick Miller who works for the ranch and hopped on his horse to help corral the steer into a pen. “I'm not going to lie, man. [Officers] kind of gave us the whole stargaze like can you help us or not and like I said we try to do the best we can.”

The steer was ultimately captured not far from the intersection of West 80th Avenue and Alkire Street.

“You know [it was] easy-peasy like the back of our hand, and [we got to] impress the cops all at the same time,” Miller continued laughing.

For even our brave men and women in blue need a hand with a hoof from time to time.

“[Help] would be quite ok,” detective Snelling laughed. “[That sterr] wore quite a few people out.”

The owner showed up to reclaim the steer – and life in this quiet Arvada neighborhood is back to normal.

For now.