A bond between two women started from a love for CU football, but a decade later their friendship goes beyond rooting for the Buffs.

Tailgating is something many sports fan do. On Saturday, it was all about football.That’s something Char Snyder and Teri Trafton love to watch at Folsom Field together.

“We have sat by each other for ten years,” said Trafton.

This time last year Char wasn’t doing well.

“I was sick for about a year and a half. I was right on the edge of total kidney failure," said Snyder.

She started to fight for her life.

“I worked a year and a half to try and get a donor and everyone who went through didn’t pass,” Snyder said.

She was on the verge of dialysis and started missing football events.

“Teri noticed I wasn’t at the game and she turned to my husband and said where is Char?"

“When Lee, Char’s husband said she wasn’t doing well he just had these big tears in her eyes I could tell it was breaking his heart,” said Trafton.

For Teri, there was no questioning what to do.

“So I told my husband I’d like to donate my kidney to her. And my husband told me to take the day and think and the next week. I told Lee I’d like to do it and he said, really, and I said yes,” said Trafton.

Snyder says she and her husband were ecstatic and so touched that their friend would do something like this for them.

“That was it, they set the date she was the perfect match and perfect to give a kidney,” said Snyder.

Six months after the kidney transplant both are doing great and healthy. Now, they are back to their normal routine.

While they still have a love for CU football, they are now bonded in a different way.

“We are like family there is no quitting now, she can’t get away from me, and I don’t want to,” said both Snyder and Trafton.

Even after the transplant the two are continuing to grow as friends.

Teri and Char along with their husbands started the Trafton-Snyder Endowment fund which will help provide flexible resources for kidney transplants.

Char says she and her husband wanted to honor Teri for what she did for them and also help others.

If you would more information or would like to help other in need click here.