A man in Denver is accused of scamming 17 people out of thousands of dollars by claiming he will improve their homes.

One victim says this is a lesson she will never forget.

For nearly forty years, Lucretta’s laugh and personality have filled her house.

“I try to be a lady at all times,” said Lucretta.

She has made a lot of memories there.

Lucretta says, “This is the biggest investment most of us have, our home.”

Jonathan McMillan allegedly tried to take advantage of her investment when she was looking to have her roof replaced.

“They needed the money up front to get the material was the story,” said Lucretta.

She says she gave McMillan a check for $12,500.

“I don't think I'm senile, I just trusted them,” Lucretta said.

She trusted them enough to give them a check but the work never even started.

Lucretta said, “that's my money, it’s out of my pocket.”

A Grand Jury indictment alleges there are 16 other victims who reported similar incidents, totaling almost 70 thousand dollars.

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Lucretta took the biggest hit.

“Its water under the bridge, it's gone, there is no point in stewing about it,” Lucretta said.

But she still has a sense of humor.

“I didn't do dumb things like that when I was younger so maybe it is my old age getting to me," she said.

At 76, She's more concerned with the important things in life than being worried about something she can't change.

“No point going around being no frown, “ said Lucretta.

She’s spent years making memories in her house and this is just another she'll never forget.

“It was an expensive lesson, “ said Lucretta.
Out of 17 victims, the Jefferson County DA labeled six of them at-risk because they are over the age of 70.

The DA says when looking to have home repairs done, take your time and ask plenty of questions.