A 51-year-old Brush man has been cited with a misdemeanor after deputies allege his two dogs were caught killing a number of pets and other domestic animals near a subdivision.

The Morgan County Sheriff’s Office says the two dogs were spotted in the early morning hours of Aug. 6 and Aug. 22 in the Munn’s Addition area in the northern part of Brush.

Deputies received a report that a dog killed a cat on a step during the early morning hours of Aug. 6. Later that day, a resident said six ducks, 12 chickens, another cat, six goats, a newborn pig and an adult pig were killed in different parts of that area.

The attacks prompted a large response in the surrounding community – prompting the sheriff’s office to clarify that no humans were attacked and that there was no “pack of wild dogs” roaming the city.

The two dogs were impounded on Aug. 25 thanks to a number of tips, according to a Facebook post from the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office.

Investigators announced Wednesday that Richard Holland would be cited on a misdemeanor charge for unlawful ownership of a dangerous dog.