As a man of beliefs, Bobby Cowden believes he went to the wrong gas station for the right reason.

"Yeah, right place, right time. I definitely feel it because wasn't even gonna go there. We normally go to the 7-11 over here," Cowden said.

When he and his work partner pulled into the Phillips 66 gas station at the corner of 49th Ave. and Federal Blvd. on Thursday morning, Cowden says he saw two men passed out in a car parked at pump number 6.

"I told my partner to stop. We stopped. I got out of the vehicle. Right away, something didn't look right," Cowden said. "Started banging on the window, banging on the car. Hey wake up, wake up. Both guys weren't waking up."

He called 911 and says a dispatcher told him to check if they were still alive.

"The passenger pulse -- he had no pulse at all," Cowden said. "He was dead on scene. He was purple. He was cold."

Minutes later Denver firefighters from Station 7 and paramedics from Denver Health arrive. He credits them with the saving the lives of both men. They credit him, he says, with being aware and responsible.

"A firefighter came out and said, 'Hey man, thanks to your phone call. We were able to get a pulse and he was able to survive'," Cowden said.

Cowden says he can't believe no one else at the gas station called for help.

"Both guys just slouched over. It seemed like nobody cared," Cowden said. "When authorities arrived, a couple of undercover detectives I believe it was, they said it was definitely heroin overdose."

With a large silver cross that he wears across his chest and grabs whenever he's nervous, Cowden believes the men at pump 6 at the Phillips 66 were saved by a man of beliefs.

"Maybe the devil was trying to take them away," Cowden said. "God was looking out for them. God has different plans for them, different plans for me and for everybody else."