The Denver man who traveled to Texas with the Red Cross to help with flooding relief that was reported missing, has been found safe.

Corey Hixson went missing around noon on Monday. He was in Houston with a disaster relief team in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

Hixson didn’t return to duty after lunch Monday and didn’t sign out Monday after his shift, which was a red flag to Red Cross officials. He also didn’t sign in on Tuesday.

Hixson was reported missing to Houston law enforcement, and a search has started in Texas, beginning with his hotel room.

According to the Red Cross, Hixson drove their emergency response vehicle down to Houston this weekend.

Wednesday morning, the Red Cross reported that they had located Hixson and he was safe.

Gino Greco, Head of Red Cross in Denver, says it appears that Hixson was in the operation the entire time and it may have been a communication issue.