There's no doubt if you've hiked the Manitou Incline you've seen people descending it, but did you know that's frowned upon?

In a Facebook post,  El Paso County Search and Rescue forcefully reminded users of the policy.

The group says they responded to the incline Wednesday to help a young girl who was hurt while descending the trail.

"One misplaced step or a piece of loose rock could not only cause you to cartwheel down a long ways...but your fall could seriously injure an uphill hiker," EPCSR warned in its post.

The agency says there are signs at the bottom telling users to go up the incline and down Barr Trail.

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While they seem to say it's mandatory, according to posted rules, it's only a recommendation.

"We would prefer they didn't," Kurt Schroeder, manager of Parks, Trails and Open Space, told the Colorado Springs Gazette. "It's not a hard and fast rule."