He left to run some errands - and vanished.

Almost a month later, an 82-year-old man was found dead inside an elevator at an apartment complex in southeast Denver.

Isaak Komisarchik's family says he psychically couldn't walk too far and had some mental health issues, the kind that come with age.

They've been looking for him since July 5.

Flyers about him were posted around the Woodstream Village Apartments off of Harvard, around a half mile away from where he was last seen.

Then, people who live at the apartment complex, close to the elevator connected to the parking garage, started to get a strong smell.

One man, Joe Palmer, said he told management around two weeks ago.

But Komisarchik wasn't found until Monday by an elevator maintenance crew, according to Denver Fire.

"I was just hoping it wasn't going to be a family who was going to find out that way," Palmer said. "Anybody who passes away you feel bad but feels especially bad because they were looking for him right here in this area for so long."

Denver Police are still trying to figure out exactly how long Komisarchik was in the elevator and how he got there. It's not even clear if he lived at the apartment complex.

The fire department said the elevator was out of service and multiple residents said it was under construction.

9NEWS intends to ask apartment managers what they did when residents came to them with their concerns but haven't heard back yet.