The city if Lafayette voted to purchase 24 acres of land with the hopes of building hundreds of new affordable housing units in the near future.

The land was purchased for $3.5 million from Flatirons Community Church, after it decided not to build a facility on the property off 120th Street & East Emma Street.

Christine Berg, the Mayor of Lafayette, says the property will be used to create 500 affordable housing units, one of the largest affordable housing projects in Colorado.

"We're making history," Mayor Berg said. "This is where we really get to make a huge difference."

The issue of affordable housing has become a "full blown crisis," not just in Lafayette but across Boulder County, Mayor Berg said.

Boulder County Housing Authority is working with the city to provide funds and create plans for the project. Organizers are still in the process of coming up with a plan so the full impact of the project is still unclear.

Some residents who live near the property aren't sold on the project.

Barb Rose has been living in Lafayette for 19 years, across the street from the project site. Affordable housing isn't the problem to her. She's worried that the units will obstruct her view of the mountains and cause traffic problems.

"It's a little disappointing to us. When we first moved here, it wasn't this populated and it wasn't this busy at all," Rose says, "We are thinking eventually, of selling and moving."

Mayor Berg assures that concerned residents will be in the loop.

"We'll be very strategic in making sure that folks, particularly the ones who live nearby, will really see what the project has in store," she said.

When the project is finished, 20 percent of the homes and apartments in Lafayette will be considered "affordable." The city hopes to begin building within 5 years.