Core strength provides the foundation for nearly all movements in life. These five moves strengthen your core, reinforce proper body mechanics, and increase athleticism.

Grab that jack-o-lantern! Use your gourd for a full-body, quick workout in between trick-or-treat visits!

1/4 Turkish Pumpkin Getups 6x each side

Focus on balancing the pumpkin.

Slo-Mo Flutter Kicks w/ Pumpkin held above chest x20

Keep shoulder blades off ground with low back flat to ground.

Suitcase Pumpkin Crunches x12-15

Lower back flat to ground. You feet shouldn't touch the ground!

Ballistic Squats w/Pumpkin held in chest OR overhead x30

Get the heart pumping!

Pumpkin Buddha Squats x5-6

Focus on calm breathing to match movement.

After a light, cardio-based warmup, perform this circuit for three to five rounds.