Our 9NEWS morning staff decided a great way to celebrate Halloween is to overcome their fears.

Here are their experiences and what they had to say about overcoming their fears:

We all have a healthy respect and fear of fire. Extreme fear of fire is pyrophobia. Now I wouldn’t say that I have that affliction, but the thought of being caught in smoke and flames certainly gives me anxiety.

In our “Face Your Fear” series on 9NEWS Mornings, I decided to learn more about the fire, fire safety, and firefighting. To do this I spent some time with the incredible firefighting pros at the West Metro Fire Protection District’s Training Center.

In our classroom setting, I was briefed on fire behavior and the latest techniques in firefighting. In the training pods, I was exposed to flames, dense smoke, and temperatures that ranged from 450° on the floor to 1,200° near the ceiling.

Having patient, expert firefighters with me sure helped alleviate my fears and make the experience exciting and educational.

-Marty Coniglio

Snakes, why did it have to be snakes? In the United States when it comes to things people fear, snakes usually rank number 1. Gallop polls often put it in the highest spot right above public speaking.

Our ancestors gained a healthy respect for snakes and with many of us that fear has been passed down from generation to generation.

In our “”Face Your Fear” series on 9News Mornings, we decided that I should face my own fear of snakes. First off, it’s an unfounded fear. I’ve never been bitten or even chased by a snake but growing up in Colorado I’ve had several runs in’s with snakes and gained a pretty big fear of them. So we headed to the Denver Zoo to face that fear in a supervised, safe and educational environment.

Sure facts, like the Black Mamba snake, is the second most venomous snake in the world able to slither faster than a person on a bike and capable of killing a human in 30 minutes were running through my mind but there would be no venomous snakes on this journey. Two boa constrictors, one small and one large, would be the snakes I would meet.

I would tell you their names but once the tops to their boxes opened any of the real information the zookeepers were giving me bounced right off my head. Seeing them slither and search out my body heat had my heart racing like a Black Mamba chasing a person on a bicycle. Somehow I managed to stand my ground and even touched both snakes, one a 6-foot long boa that had just eaten a mouse.

Which gets us to why snakes are good. First off, many animals eat snakes, owls and hawks love them. Snakes also like to eat things, rodents would rule without snakes and that would be a big problem for people and the diseases rodents carry. Snakes keep insects down which make them great for gardens and their venom is used to treat cancers, Parkinson’s and heart disease which saves millions of people.

So while I still get nervous around snakes, the truth is they are probably a little nervous to be around me. So after learning a little about snakes, I would still run away from them in the wild but as I ran, I would know they’re doing a lot of good to keep our environment running too.

-Matt Renoux

Growing up, I always had friends who enjoyed some of the more adventurous thrills in life. The kind of friends who want to ride roller coasters and who want to go skydiving. I have no interest in any of that as I get uneasy when there is light to moderate turbulence during my flight.

Often, my fear of falling is confused as a fear of heights. I actually do well with heights, in fact, I enjoy being up high. It is when I know I have to fall is when I get uneasy.

It was a shock to me that I screamed that much while on the XLR8R. I am usually a quiet person, even when I am angry or scared, I tend to be quiet. When I pulled the ripcord and started my fall, it was like my most vivid nightmare coming to life. At the start my descent from the top, I was not expecting to pitch forward and fall face first. The feeling was that of everything I fear, I had no control as fell helplessly toward the ground.

After the first few swings on the rope, the ride became more therapeutic and less terrifying. It was a fitting end to a ride that scared me more than anything I have ever experienced.

- Richard Cote

It may sound strange -- a fear of birds.
However, more than three million people have Ornithophobia.
I am one of those people. My name is Lesley Martin. I am the Executive Producer of 9News Mornings. And I am afraid of birds

So, to face my fear, I went to the Denver Zoo’s Lorikeet Exhibit. Going inside, I was definitely nervous. It was even worse when I finally gathered the courage to feed on of the Lorikeets. It was the feeling of the bird’s claws on my arms that did me in. I had to get it off me!

Luckily, the birds were sweet and on their best, well-mannered behavior. I lucked out. Since it was chilly outside, the birds weren't quite as active. The warmer it is, the more they fly about.

Starting Tuesday, November 1, the Lorikeet AdVenture begins its winter hours.
It'll only be open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday until it warms up in March.

Am I glad I did it? I guess so. Would I do it again? No way.

- Lesley Martin

It was a wonderful, but unnerving experience. Although I can't recall what caused my fear of spiders, but it has been a lifelong phobia.

Meeting and holding Rosie from the Butterfly Pavilion has certainly helped me face my fear. However, I don't see it ending any time soon.

- Haley Davis

Ever since I was a little girl I have been afraid of the dark.

30 years later and I'm finally facing my fear at the Grant Humphreys Mansion.

My first thought is "Who's idea was this and why did i agree?"

The Grant Humphreys Mansion is usually a destination for those interesting in ghosts or afraid of overcoming a fear of ghosts but I spent time in the tunnels not afraid of the ghosts but panicked about the dark.

It was terrifying and while I am proud of overcoming my fear this one time but I think there is still work to be done.

-Megan Valente