Luke Kellerman says he has the best office in the world – and an important one at that!

He takes care of the field at Mile High year-round. That’s 88,000 square feet of turf!

But, being on the field isn't as easy as it once was.

“Everyone has their day to day challenges,” Kellerman said. “Mine are just a little more life-threatening right now.”

Last year, Luke was diagnosed with colon cancer. He's been through half a dozen surgeries and in the process, relied on blood donations from strangers to stay alive.

For years, he's been part of the Bonfils Drive for Life blood drive at Mile High Stadium as the donor. Now, he’s the recipient.

One thing he says that’s gotten him through is the support of the Denver Broncos organization.

“It's invaluable,” Kellerman said, “this organization makes such a point to be the best at everything. Yes, we win championships… and that's awesome and it's great and fantastic but it's not our only goal.”

The goal is to be the best on and off the field -- starting with those who take care of the turf, and continuing to those who walk through the doors on Nov. 1. to donate their time, to take care of others and to save a stranger's life.