DENVER – Have you ever found pictures like this around your house and wondered, “who are these people?”

I did a little digging and found they are all part of my family.

The two really old looking pictures of the Eastern European looking women are my great grandmothers.

Gary's grandmother's mother (left) and his grandfather's mother (right). 

I grew up with my mom’s mom and dad in Nebraska, they were wonderful people. And while I didn’t know my dad’s parents very well, I met his mom when I was very young.

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Then there are the really old pictures of yourself that you run into.

I found one with my brother and I standing in front of a really cool looking Dodge from the 1960s, I think.

Gary (right) and his brother. 

Wish I had that car today!

This all got me thinking about my ancestry, so when the station suggested I take a DNA test, I jumped at the chance.

On the morning show Thursday, I’ll reveal what I found out.

Did my family come from where I think they came from?

Am I related to anyone cool?

Is Bruce Springsteen my second cousin?

So many questions...