COLORADO SPRINGS: The U.S. Air Force Academy Band is well known throughout the country.

It’s made up of 60 active duty airmen-musicians.

But you may not know that there are also nine ensemble groups that are featured too.

One of them, The Falconaires Jazz Ensemble, will be giving free concerts in northern Colorado this Wednesday through Sunday.

We featured two members of the group on the 9NEWS morning show on Tuesday.

Staff Sergeant Rachel Wilson is a vocalist, and Staff Sergeant Colin Trusedell plays the bass.

Rachel says their shows will be in Aurora, Loveland, Sterling and Fort Collins.

They are family friendly, and just a nice way for the Cadets to say thank you for supporting our troops.

And don’t let the fact that these two wonderful military members appear to be very proper and buttoned down.

When the music starts, they can get down. We think they’re wonderful, so be sure to check them out!

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