November is National Adoption Month, and the State Department of Human Services will be honoring five families at a special event. I am honored to be the emcee, because their stories are heartwarming and inspiring.

One family being recognized is the Gonzales family.

Heather and Ben had been foster parents for eight years when a group of five siblings was placed with them.

They had no intention of adopting, but realized they had to keep the kids together.

“Keeping siblings together is so important”, Heather said, “because siblings are the only stability children who have been in foster care can count on.”

Now they are one big happy family.

The Gonzales family is not alone.

Last year there were 830 adoptions through the foster care system in Colorado.

The day an adoption is finalized is one a family never forgets.

But as wonderful as that is, the need is even greater.

If you’d like to learn more about foster care and adoption in Colorado, check out:

And congratulations and thank you to the Gonzales family!