Since starting my month of procrastination avoidance as part of our “Over It” series on 9NEWS mornings, I’ve read dozens of articles about how to procrastinate less. Most of this reading has been accomplished when I was “supposed to” be working on something else, obviously.

There are literally hundreds of tactics that claim to help us work harder and smarter when it comes to procrastination. The one idea that continues to resonate with me is that the reason procrastination is so natural for me is the following:

When I think about launching into a task or working toward my goal, I’ve adopted a habit of telling myself that if I don’t have time to make it perfect, I should wait until a better time to start.

The saying, “done is better than perfect” is what I am attempting to take on as my new mantra. Rather than wait until the perfect moment, which for me includes perfect lighting, feeling awake and energetic, and that magical dash of motivation, I’d like to develop my “finishing instinct.”

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