I’m giving up laziness and now all I want to do is relax and eat pizza

Given the choice, I choose pizza and another season of Dexter. Every time.

Wouldn’t you if the other option was going for a run or pretending like you know how to pump iron at the gym?

If you say no, you’re lying to yourself. Or at least let’s say you’re lying to make me feel better.

Laziness comes naturally and clearly, I’m attached to it.

No matter how comfortable my couch is, I know molding that cushion imprint isn’t healthy for me physically or mentally.

So, I’m over laziness and I'm looking to replace it with motivation.

I’m going to get active every day whether that be going for a hike, a run, a walk, even stretching.

I just need to get moving, and yes, I do feel instant regret while typing this.

Full disclosure, as much as I gush over pizza and my couch, I am a fairly active person.

I love hiking, and truly think I’m a better person once ski season starts.

I also run and take dance classes when I can. I’m happiest when I’m doing these things and yet, the amount of times I jump up and do them each week, is sad.

My focus this month is on the motivation to get moving, not on the exercise itself.

I understand everyone has different levels of exercise experience but we can all benefit from getting up, and getting active.

The Mayo Clinic has 7 tips for staying motivated:

1. Set goals

2. Make it fun

3. Make physical activity part of your daily routine

4. Put it on paper

5. Join forces

6. Reward yourself

7. Be flexible

Wish me luck. I’ll put the pizza away after one more slice…