In honor of the Cherry Cricket’s grand reopening, we sent the 9NEWS Morning team to the famous burger joint for a first look.

They also had the chance to put their ultimate burger to the test.

Here’s what they got!

Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart's burger featured an egg fried inside of an onion ring ... yum. 

-Hamburger patty

-Fried egg inside of an onion ring

Christine Noel

Christine Noel made herself a veggie burger. 

-Black bean patty


-Pico de gallo

-Red Onion


-"A bunch of non-meat goodness"

Corey Rose

Corey Rose made a burger with bacon, avocado, a toasted bun, mustard and mayonaisse. 


-Hamburger patty

-Buttered buns





Gary Shapiro

Gary Shapiro's burger secret? Green chili! 


-Hamburger patty

-Blue cheese



-Fresh green chili


So, who do you think made the best hamburger?

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