This workout is such a great way to get the whole family involved and do A LOT of calorie burning while having fun!

Set up just like "The 12 Days of Christmas", you will pick a move for each day. To begin, do Day 1. Then do Day 2+ Day 1. Then Day 3 + Day 2 + Day 1, etc until you do all 12 Days!

Our version is below! Enjoy!

Day 1: Step-ups

Day 2: Bench Dips

Day 3: Air Squats

Day 4: Push-ups

Day 5: Sit-ups

Day 6: Mountain climbers

Day 7: Ice Skaters

Day 8: Russian twists

Day 9: Box Jumps

Day 10: Plank-Ups

Day 11: Jumping Jacks

Day 12: BURPEES!

Not sure of some moves? Check out my YouTube!