Time to get ready for ski season! Training legs, balance, core, and of course a little cardio with this great workout:

5 rounds for time:
10 single leg deadlifts on each side
15 lateral jumps
20 star crunches

Single leg deadlifts:

Standing on one leg with weight in the opposite hand, hinge forward at the waist keeping a slight bend in the knee until chest is parallel to ground. Keep back straight and chest out, then stand up for one rep.

Lateral Jumps:

Jump over whatever you are comfortable with! A line, a dumbbell, or something more challenging like a box or a bar!

Star Crunches:

This great move targets ALL THE ABS! Try to reach your back as high off the ground as possible and really twist at the top of the move! Modify by doing a crunch with a twist or bending a the knees!