Kettlebells can be an incredible tool for a full-body workout when you have limited time or limited space.

I recently was doing kettlebell work and realized the next day that I need to be doing more of it: the muscles that are utilized increase power and core strength and today's workout is about getting our heart rate up but really working our side abs or our obliques.

Try 15 minutes moving through this circuit:

15 Russian Kettlebell Swings

10 Figure 8s

5 Around the Worlds (over and back =1)

If you want more kettlebell madness and are more advanced, add in 2 Turkish Get-Ups on each side at the end of every round!

Keep your spine safe and check form with a friend or in the mirror to make sure you aren't rounding, and really use your hips and glutes, not your back, during the swings and Figure 8s!