A mother and daughter are surprisingly OK after their car careened off the road and crashed onto the Cherry Creek Trail last week.

On Jan. 16, Abby and her mom Kelet Robinson were driving on Speer Boulevard by Logan Street to celebrate Abby's birthday when Robinson says another driver slammed into them from the right side.

"We were heading out for a late birthday lunch," Robinson said. "Literally I opened my eyes and we were in the air."

Robinson realized her car was not only going off the road, but over the wall that drops around 8 feet onto the Cherry Creek Trail.

"There was a sidewall and all these concrete areas were we could have landed, but we landed in the one spot that could have protected us," Robinson said.

The car landed on top of the snow, just a few feet away from the water.

Standing near tire marks still visible a week later, Abby spoke with surprising clarity about the driver who took off.

"Whoever hit us must have been evil because they didn't even care. They just ran away," Abby said.

Luckily, the now 9-year-old said she was just hoping to fulfill her birthday wish that afternoon.

"I was hoping mommy was going to take me to pizza," Abby said.

Her mother, who is a doctor, quickly checked to make sure they were both OK.

"It was insanely lucky that we got out of the car and walked away from it," Robinson said.

Kelet says she didn't get any tickets or citations.

Denver Police could not release any information about the hit-and-run driver to 9NEWS on Sunday.