Aurora Police posted a video to YouTube Thursday showing the fatal crash involving a passenger van and the A Line.

The crash happened early Tuesday morning. Earlier, police said the video may indicate the driver, 56-year-old Billy Ray Guinn, intentionally drove onto the tracks near the crossing at Smith and Chambers roads.

Guinn is no stranger to law enforcement investigations.

He has an a lengthy criminal history - from what we can see - starting when he was 18.

They are mostly traffic offenses - including DUI. He served jail and prison time for various things.

RTD released a statement shortly after the video was released:

It is extremely important to note that the crossing's ENTRANCE gates activate properly – behind the van that drove into the intersection and stopped – and well before the train enters the intersection and impacts the van. There are other angles that show the crossing's EXIT gates, that also activated properly, by remaining open (to allow a vehicle that is inside the entrance gates to escape the intersection prior to the arrival of the train) and then the exit gates properly close. There is also a traffic signal near the EXIT gates that properly remains green after the ENTRANCE gates close, which lets the vehicle driver know they should get out of the intersection while the EXIT gates remain up. The distinction between the entrance gates versus the exit gates is very important otherwise it will likely give the absolutely incorrect impression regarding the proper functioning of the gates at that intersection.

PREVIOUS STORY: Driver may have intentionally driven onto A Line tracks

Aurora Police say it’s the first fatal incident they’ve investigated involving the commuter rail line since it opened in April.

The collision left four passengers aboard the A Line with minor injuries.

You can watch the video below (WARNING: The video may be considered disturbing to some viewers):

Can’t see the video? Click here: