Heartbreak for three boys in Parker whose father passed away last week less than a year after their mother died in a Jefferson County reservoir.

Tom Cassel, a Parker attorney, died of a heart attack on April 28. His ex-wife, Dr. Hope Cassel died June 26.

"There's no words. Just no words," family friend Veronica Kenny said.

When Kenny's friend of 10 years died last summer, she did all she could to help comfort the children.

Dr. Hope Cassel was paddle boarding with her sons Harrison, Grayson and Haydon and a friend when a storm moved in at the Chatfield Reservoir.

The boys made it back to the beach but she didn't.

The Parker community stepped up to help the family.

"We take care of each other," Kenny said,

Now they're doing it again.

"They've had both parents, like ripped away from them in 10 months. It's devastating. It truly is devastating," Kenny said. 

Their father, Tom Cassel, passed away from a heart attack Friday.

The 15, 14 and 12 year olds were alone.

"I think my first reaction was, I screamed, 'Where are the boys?'" Kenny said.

With their closest relative living in Florida, friends and neighbors rallied together to feed the Cassel boys and stay with them until family arrived.

An ice chest for food was left on the front porch.

"Within minutes the entire thing was filled," Kenny said,

Relatives will stay with the boys until the end of the school year.

"It's hard. It's hard to lose two friends and my focus has been and will continue to be on making sure those boys know that they're loved, that they're cared for," she said.

I hasn't been decided if they'll stay in Colorado or move out of state with family.

Right now they're taking it day by day. Harrison, 15, said for now they're OK.

Family friends said the boys could still use some help.

If you'd like to pitch in, a GoFundMe page was set up to raise money for them.