For many people, beer might taste a little bit like college. And if you attended Colorado State University, you can now officially drink a beer entirely inspired by your experience wearing the green and gold.

New Belgium and CSU are releasing what they’re calling a “one-of-a-kind collaborative beer” called Old Aggie Superior Lager on July 1.

Some of the proceeds from this beer – which prominently features CAM the Ram – will support the university. Specially, it will be divided between CSU’s Fermentation Science and Technology Program, CSU Athletics and alcohol awareness and education efforts for students.

If you attended CSU/lived in Fort Collins, you were probably well aware that New Belgium is located in town. And if you didn’t, it’s worth noting the university and the brewery have quite the history together.

Multiple New Belgium brewers teach in CSU’s Fermentation Science and Technology program, and many a Ram has gone on to work at the brewery.

New Belgium has also gifted $4 million toward the new CSU on-campus stadium, and founder Kim Jordan has given $1 million to the Fermentation Sciences lab on campus.

As for the Old Aggie Superior Lager itself, it’s described as “light-bodied” and “all-malt” with a “hint of citrus and lemon.”

That might taste classier than the beer you drank in college.