Yet another tourist attraction in Colorado is looking into ways to deal with overcrowding.

Wednesday, the city of Colorado Springs launched a study into the issue at Garden of the Gods.

Outside company Volpe National Transportation Systems Center, which has done similar studies at places including Hanging Lake, is conducting the research.

The study will look into traffic, parking, attendance, and visitor experiences. Consultants will be in the park conducting surveys with visitors.

"What's the experience like in the Garden? How did they get there? What's their visitation pattern those types of things," said Colorado Springs Parks and Recreation director Karen Palus.

The Springs' Parks and Recreation department has been using counters at each entrance of the Gardens, and on the trails to keep track of the cars and visitors at the park.

They hope the study will help them come up with solutions to ease traffic and parking concerns.

"We have very limited, within the Garden, ability to add any additional spaces," Palus added. "I don't believe that's really the experience we want to go for by expanding those asphalt parking lots."

Shuttles will be considered as well as new traffic patterns. Basically anything that can help ease congestion.

"Maybe there are some other alternative options that we may not be aware of yet that we'll explore throughout this process," said Palus.

The study will take five years to complete, but city leaders say they should be able to act on the data gathered to reduce traffic by the end of the year.